Deceased Estate Clean Up Services

Deceased Estate Cleanup Services

The death of a parent or loved one is a highly emotional and traumatic time. Facing the added challenge of settling the deceased estate is an overwhelming burden for which most are never prepared.

From distributing keepsakes to getting rid of unwanted items, the task often seems like an unmanageable mixture of sorrow, hard work and decision-making. With our valuable experience in all facets of Deceased Estate Clean Ups we can make this transition as stress free for you as possible. Our reputation in the industry and among our customers is important to us.

Providing our expert estate cleanout services to Bribie Island, Woodford, Kilcoy, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and most surrounding Northern Suburbs.

Packing Service

We sort through the contents of the property and discuss what to keep and what to sell or dispose of. We take the time to recover any valued and valuable items that might easily be tossed out as trash by Skip Bin Removalists.

Personal documents are handled with the utmost care to ensure that you don’t lose important information. We promise that any personal items including important documents, cash, anything deemed of value or that could be sentimental to you that we may come across will always be kept safely for you.

Furniture, family heirlooms, valuables and other required possessions will then be carefully packaged ready for delivery to nominated individuals/destinations or collection by family members.

Disposal Service

Having our team at Estate Cleanups handle your estate cleanout gives you peace of mind that your family’s possessions are accounted for and removed or disposed of as needed.

Once all of the furniture and other required possessions have been packed and taken care of we will dispose of the rest in an Eco-Friendly manner.

If items are to be donated, we will organise that charity shops we work with benefit from anything the family doesn't want, as well as help you find the right places for items that are to be resold or recycled. (Anything that can be recycled will be done so as much as possible to have a minimal effect on landfill.)

Transporting Service

Estate Cleanups can help you to organise the delivery of personal effects including shipping items overseas if required. We work closely with a number of reputable shipping agents and will arrange for everything to be shipped to family members or as instructed by our clients.

We can make local deliveries in person or arrange for packing and posting of items, either through Australia Post or various Courier Companies. Estate Clean Ups will ensure that all relevant paper work for international and domestic shipping inclusive of "Bill of Lading & Customs ISPM15 Certification" is compliant to the shipment.

Whatever your own family circumstances are, we can tailor our services to suit your transporting needs.

Cleaning Service

Once completely cleared of all personal belongings, furniture and unwanted items the property will be thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards and notes made of any repairs or garden maintenance that is required. This includes deep cleaning walls and hiring professional carpet cleaners.

With deceased estates that have been vacant or neglected for a long period of time, due to the previous occupants being completely infirm or having an extended time of illness, we also provide a deep cleaning service where we clean and sanitise heavily contaminated bathrooms, kitchens, toilets or other rooms as required.

Estate Clean Ups also organise for pest control to be carried out if necessary.

Repairs Service

Estate Clean Ups have accredited tradesman and builders that can carry out anything from minor works on the property ie, fix a door hinge , fix fences , right through to renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom. All tradesman and builders are BSA ( Building Services Australia ) Accredited and Registered and carry relevant insurances for all works to be carried out. We can also attend to garden maintenance to assist in total presentation before sale.

Selling Service

We can arrange for the sale of all unwanted furniture and other personal effects. Once all repairs, maintenance, disposal and cleaning has taken place we can also help to manage the sale of a property - liaising with Estate Agents on your behalf.

Property Up Keep

Estate Cleanups also offer urgent domestic tasks immediately after a death (when it might be extremely difficult for grieving relatives to face entering the deceased person’s home) or if there are no available family members or willing friends living nearby.

We can clear out all perishable foodstuffs, feed pets, strip beds, water plants, wash dishes and do the laundry and a general clean and tidy whilst family members decide what to do next.

Estate Cleanups can also maintain the property during the sales process. We can arrange to periodically clear mail and give a quick dusting to the property between viewings if necessary. We can also keep the lawns mowed, gardens tidied and window exteriors cleaned during the sales process.

At Estate Cleanups we will do as little or as much as you need!